15 reasons why you should Date a Writer

Article writers might not have impressive checkbooks, but that doesn’t mean they don’t really make fantastic dates. Listed here are 15 reasons to date an author:

1. Article writers can woo terms. If for example the really love vocabulary is actually words of affirmation, you’re in luck. Experts will get thousands of how to show how much cash they worry.

2. Writers can stroke the ego. Maybe you’ll be her muse. Possibly he will many thanks in a novel determination. Perhaps you’ll become a sounding board for new tips.

3. Cash doesn’t matter. Date an author and you will certainly be matchmaking a person who really does what they do because she or he really likes it, not so as to get rich.

4. Writers visit fascinating events with fascinating people. Prepare to socialize with fascinating intellectuals and music artists — in order to move the eyes at certain pretentious individuals.

5. People often have versatile schedules.

6. The majority of authors can compose from anywhere. If you’re worried that your particular task might take you to France, the new man or girl could be (effortlessly) certain to join you.

7. Writers offer unique and thoughtful point of views on various subjects.

8. Article writers usually enjoy solitude and don’t need a busy social life to thrive.

9. About #8, after an extended day’s authorship, your own presence are going to be a pleasant air of outdoors.

10. Authors tend to be wise. Most are hilariously witty. Others tend to be trivia nerds. You will probably get multiple brand new terms, haphazard basic facts, or a deeper understanding for several topics whenever hanging out with one.

11. Experts tend to be open books, wearing their unique hearts on their sleeves, and in a position to articulate their particular feelings and thoughts (at least in writing) eloquently.

12. Experts are innovative problem solvers.

13. Experts deal with criticism and getting rejected daily. They learn how to smartly assess useful critique and persevere in difficult times. Writers you should not give-up quickly.

14. Article writers can multitask, balancing projects, pitches and personal tasks.

15. Love letters don’t have spelling mistakes inside them. Neither will grocery databases.


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